Somebody forgot to tell the writer of tonight’s entry a couple things about Bobby Drake. One, he’s a good guy and two, he spells his name “Iceman” and not “the Ice Man”. Still, we stick with this week’s unintended Marvel theme (because I didn’t know what to drag out for the intended Filmation theme) for our fight this time. Just another day for…

Yep, we’re going there again.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Wright” round 9

The Battlefield: Spidey Super Stories #6 (Marvel Comics/Children’s Television Workshop; March, 1975) “Webbing In A Winter Wonderland” part 1: “The Show In The Snow!”

The Promoters: Jean Thomas (writer), Winslow Mortimer, Mike Esposito, & Tony Morellaro (artists) Artie Simek (letterer) and John Romita (art director)

Peter’s sent to cover a ski competition so big they advertised it by sky writing. Totally not kidding. Bobby Drake saw it as well and, as Iceman The Ice Man, ends up hogging the slope so that nobody else can ski. Enter Spidey.

FNF Wright 09a

It’s an “easy reader” comic for kids. What kind of insults do you expect?

Remember, this comic is to help kids improve their reading skills. Science….takes a back seat.



Good thing the food stand used fast-wearing-off salt. The part I cut off sent the duo on a rescue mission. Ah, science. Your owed an apology.

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