Doctor Who Prisoners Of Time #9

The only Doctor Who monsters to actually scare me. They wouldn’t have worked here.

Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #9

IDW Publishing (September, 20130

WRITERS: Scott & David Tipton
PENCILER: David Messina
INKER: Giorgia Sposito
COLORS: ScarletGothica
COVER ART: Francesco Francavilla
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

The Ninth Doctor and Rose wind up on a planet with a monument to a rich man who died years ago. Except he didn’t die but is living in the monument, manipulating time to stay alive and “create” new ecosystems. He’s also hot for Rose and ends up sabotaging his own operation as a result. Then the mystery man’s identity is revealed as Adam Mitchell, who hates the Doctor after the events of “The Long Game” and the aftermath. He broke into Van Staton’s museum and used stolen tech to lure a time agent, stealing his Vortex Manipulator to use to kidnap the companions…including Rose!

What they got right: They explained well how Adam became the Doctor’s enemy and it makes sense. (Also, it wasn’t Adric, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if they went that route.) And it all works. You kind of feel bad for him as well. the Doctor WAS too hard on Adam, and learning what happened to him shows how cold #9 could be.

What they got wrong: I would have ignored the “man falls for the Doctor’s companion” story, but it’s Rose, who was as much Russel T’s pet character as Grimlock is for Simon Furman. Both get away with far too much and were really unlikable people if  you really thought about it. She’s less annoying here, and even pops up in our Best Scene nomination, but outside of a line about how she resembles Drake’s former love, there’s no reason for him to go this nuts.

Recommendation: As a whole this maxi-series has been hit or miss but this is one of the better ones. Worth a look.

Boy are you on the wrong ship.

Boy are you on the wrong ship.

See what happens when you write Rose as a less than horrible person?

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