Thor God of Thunder #1

So what did Donald Blake dress up as for Halloween?

Thor: God Of Thunder Halloween Comic Fest

Marvel Comics (December, 2013)

The cover has the names Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic, and Dean White on the cover, but I don’t know who did what because I can’t find any credits inside the book. I went to Marvel’s site and the credits are:

WRITER: Jason Aaron
PENCILER: Esad Ribic
COLORIST: Dean V. White
LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos
EDITOR: Lauren Sankovitch

In the past, Thor is partying (as past Thor tended to do) and comes across an unnamed god slaughtered, his face in terror. In the present, an alien girl prays to Thor for rain because her own planet’s gods have gone missing, or as Thor investigates, were murdered in the same way. In the future, Thor is the last god standing as the responsible party stands at the gates to Asgard.

What they got right: This is the first issue of a miniseries (collected into trades, and obviously timed with the second Thor movie coming soon) and it sets up the mystery threat well. The art is decent, as it looks like the painted style but looks more like there’s no inking, just penciling as a guide. The result gives a painted look, but it’s more traditional comic art at the core, which means characters can emote. I think this is what the latter issues of The Tekwar Chronicles (if you remember my review of that series) was trying to do but failed miserably at and should have stuck with the style of the earlier issues.

What they got wrong: Somehow, and maybe it’s just me, this didn’t feel like the Marvel Thor outside of the space people. It felt like its own mythology but you are reading the review of someone who doesn’t usually follow Thor either in comics or in myth.

Recommendation: I think that if I were more interested in Thor I would be looking for the trades or loose issues if possible. It’s one to take a look at.


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