Corgi carsSo it’s official. There have been rumors for at least a year that DC would be moving closer to Time Warner’s home turf. Word came out yesterday that this was indeed going to happen.

Dear DCE Team,

As I hope you know, I and the entire DCE exec team work hard to offer transparency about as much of our business plans and results as we possibly and responsibly can. In an effort to continue to do that where possible and to ensure you are hearing news from us, rather than a third party, I am proactively reaching out to you this afternoon to share news about our business.

I can confirm that plans are in the works to centralize DCE’s operations in 2015. Next week, the Exec Team will be in New York for a series of meetings to walk everyone through the plans to relocate the New York operations to Burbank. The move is not imminent and we will have more than a year to work with the entire company on a smooth transition for all of us, personally and professionally.

Everyone on the New York staff will be offered an opportunity to join their Burbank colleagues and those details will be shared with you individually, comprehensively and thoughtfully next week. Meeting notifications will be sent tomorrow to ensure the roll out of this information and how it affects the company and you personally.

We know this will be a big change for people and we will work diligently to make this as smooth and seamless a transition as possible.



I’m not going to go on a rant here. Moving the offices doesn’t matter as much since the “bullpen” went virtual. Personally, I do think it’s part of the continuing issue that comics are treated so poorly, even by people working on it. It’s all about the live-action movie, as I’ve rambled about already. New York has been the home of DC and Marvel for as far back as I remember. Living here in Connecticut I’ve been able to interview comics professionals because they live here, a “relic” of when there was a physical bullpen to be near but New York wasn’t an option to live in. (I’m betting every state has at least one small publisher, even all the way in Alaska.) There may also be some strong business decisions to consolidate DC Entertainment (since the comics are no longer DC’s main interest) with the rest of the Warner Brothers family.

However, it will be hard on the office workers in New York who can’t move to California for whatever reason, the local sellers (especially the restaurants, food trucks, and mobile stands) who will lose business, and on the families who do AND don’t move. I don’t know how big a hit they’re taking, who does the printing and distribution or any of that. I’ll probably never get to see the DC offices now, though I’m not sure they’d want the guy who has a “death of DC” category on his blog around there anyway. That’s disappointing. That said, it may be the best business move and outside of what it stands for and the history being pushed aside like they’re moving a sports team, I don’t really have an opinion. This is mostly a news posting for those who don’t read the comics news sites.


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