Sonic Lost World

“Uh, Tails, where’s the parachutes?”

Sonic: Lost World Halloween ComicFest Edition

Archie Comics (October, 2013)

WRITER: Ian Flynn
PENCILER: Ryan Jampole
INKER: Rick Bryant
COLORIST: Dustin Evans
LETTERER: Jack Morelli
EDITOR: Paul Kamiski

In this prequel to the upcoming video game, Eggman finds the flying continent of Lost Hex, and forcibly recruits its guardians, the Deadly Six. He sends his new “friends” to capture animals on the surface, which of course catches the attention of Sonic and his friends. Sonic and Tails follows Eggman to Lost Hex, where the video game begins.

What they got right: Not having played the game (since it just came out and I have so many other games to complete) I can’t say for certain how it works as a prequel to the game. By itself it’s a good setup to a story. The art is good but these guys have worked on Sonic comics for a while.

What they got wrong: We don’t get a whole lot with the Deadly Six. I suppose some of the reveals about who they are and whose side they’re usually on will come to light in the game but we only learn the name of one, Zavok. How about a brief intro for the other five?

Recommendation: This is the last one I’ll be reviewing (the Cartoon Network sampler is just stories from DC’s run, and the Skyward sampler doesn’t explain a lot about the two worlds sampled there) so this is the one we’re going out on. It’s a decent enough opener but unless you really want to connect to the game you’re not missing much with this comic.

Hey, would you like to order the game through Amazon? Because if you use this link for the WiiU or this one for 3DS I get a bit of change through Amazon’s Affiliate Program. You’ll be helping out the Spotlight and hopefully get a good game in the process.

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