Rocketeer Spirit #2

“Hey, Sonic needs that parachute!”

The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Friction #2

IDW Publishing/DC Entertainment (August, 2013)

WRITER: Mark Waid
PENCILER: Loston Wallace
INKER: Bob Wiacek
COLORS: Hi-Fi Designs
SELECTED COVER ART: Paul Smith (artist) & Jordie Bellaire
EDITOR: Scott Dunbier

Betty’s going gaga over the Spirit make her hard to interrogate and Cliff seeing red. A trip to the morgue confirms it’s Dolan’s friend, but why is he showing up on Peevy’s homemade television? How did the man’s insides get all scrambled up? And what is Trask’s connection to the Spirit’s constant foe, the Octopus? Betty better learn that last one soon because Trask just hired her for his first television broadcast!

What they got right: The Octopus doesn’t act like Frank Miller’s movie version. That’s always a plus. There’s a good mystery going on and I like how the Spirit and the Rocketeer work together even though they don’t like each other.

What they got wrong: Shouldn’t Betty apologize to Cliff for going all silly around the Spirit? Yes, I know that’s part of his character, that women fall for him (not as bad as Miller made it from what I hear) but she should still apologize, knowing Cliff’s jealousy and her own jealous act back in “Cargo Of Doom”.

Recommendation: This is one of the titles I want to keep following. It’s fun, and the characters mesh pretty well thus far. Give it a look.

"Flying lessons. What a waste."

“Flying lessons. What a waste.”


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