Morbius The Living Vampire #7

One last gasp of Halloween.

Morbius The Living Vampire #7

Marvel Comics (March, 1993)

“Cemetery Dance”
WRITER: Len Kaminski
PENCILER: Ron Wagner
INKER: Mike Witherby
COLORIST: Greg Wright
LETTERER: Janice Chiang
EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

A combination of machines and serum allow Michael Morbuis to assume the identity of Dr. Morgan Michaels, hematologist. But while he huts a cure a guy name Slaughter is hunting him…and obsessed with death!

What they got right: They gave the vampire anti-hero a secret identity as a blood doctor. What could go wrong? I kid, but Michael gets to save a life, which is welcome for him. Slaughter might prove an interesting foe for Morbius.

What they got wrong: The art seems to get worse every issue. It’s still not the worst 90’s Marvel had to offer, and it’s still watchable, but I have noticed the change to what we think of as 90’s comic art. Kind of a shame.

Recommendation: Still not my kind of comic and I kind of hope this the last one in the pile (they came from one of those collection sets) but I can’t call it a bad comic. Just not one I want hanging around.

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