I'm actually a little concerned about Stephanie 52.

I’m actually a little concerned about Stephanie 52.

You wonder how badly Stephanie Brown is going to be screwed over by the New 52 writers/editors who didn’t seem to want her back in the first place. Personally, I want her to be the Spoiler rather than the new Robin because the Spoiler is HER identity. Robin is now an internship or something in the New 52 and she’s fine in the role she created herself.

  • The Clutter Reports:  I wanted to organize my drawer of electric and electronic connections…and then I hit a snag.
  • Reviewers Unknown: If you missed the latest Free Comic Inside here at the Spotlight and hate going through archives, here’s a second chance over at RU. I looked at the four-part Marvel crossover that came with Drake’s snack cakes, which is the first time I reviewed a pack-in mini-comic that didn’t come with a toy.

So how many of you missed seeing this?

Best Scene Of This Week’s Reviews

Samurai Jack #1

And I guess we're not going to see them.

And I guess we’re not going to see them.

Six new comics for review this week, but that’s mostly catch-up for the few titles I’ll be getting. But at least the new comic reviews and Best Scene are back, plus I’m still going over my collection for “Yesterday’s” Comic. And there are more things to come here at the Spotlight. Hope you like ’em.

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