Herobear & The Kid Annual 2013

“What costume? I just have hairy arms.”

Herobear And The Kid 2013 Annual

Kaboom! (October, 2013)

EDITOR: Shannon Watters

It’s Halloween, and Katie is sick. So Herobear (wearing a pair of glasses and pretending to be Tyler’s cousin Clark) takes over to get candy for her. Things take a sharp turn when Elmo’s search for the Halloween “monster” Sweet Tooth harbors results and the kids all have their candy stolen. But Tyler smells a rat…or three.

What they got right: The Herobear & The Kid comics I’ve been reviewing thus far are reprints. I don’t know if this is one or the first original comic for Kaboom! but it’s a good one. Tyler is very likable, Elmo isn’t annoying, and the story is just overall fun.

What they got wrong: Can you have an annual when the comic hasn’t been out (at least by Kaboom!) for a full year? Also, I don’t know if it’s my copy or not, but one of the pages is repeated (thankfully it doesn’t appear to be missing a page) and some of the center pages aren’t stapled at the top. Not a “dealbreaker” but the former should have been checked since none of the pages on that sheet are repeated.

Recommendation: Halloween may be over but this is still a fun comic for kids and kids at heart. Nothing stood out as a Best Scene nomination because it’s all balanced, and very much worth reading.

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