I was hoping to have the new logo done in time. Well, not so much a ‘new” logo as a fixed one. But this is the 5th year of BW operations and I have some much bigger plans for making this a good (and if I’m lucky an income-producing) website. The hard part is doing that without losing what makes the site work. And hey, I’m as close as I can get to the anniversary (November 16th, 2008) for this site as I can get with my schedule. Neat.

Yes, it’s time again to see what I’ve written in the past year that didn’t make me question WordPress giving me a blog. I added a new comic series, didn’t get a Video Review done (although I will at least have one for Christmas), and while nobody new picked me up I’ve seen plenty of people get interested in my work. Whether they stayed that way I can’t really tell. Still, these are my favorites of my posts from the past years-worth of BW Media Spotlight time-wasting.

  • Chillin’ Like A Supervillain:  That was almost a year ago and DC’s love affair with villains was only a suggestion. Now it’s a certainty. I tried to explain what make a villain work, with a focus on Ocean Master, Black Adam, and Sinestro, thanks to an interview Johns had. Johns promoting supervillains over superheroes. Any surprise there?
  • The New 52 Musical Chairs: Now we have writers outright leaving in protest of DC’s policies. One of those policies was swaping writers out like a Yoplait commercial.
  • Friday Night Fights: In A Better World…: With all the worries about school shootings and stuff, I grabbed a Friday Night Fight entry where kids take down a terrorist. Because that’s why I like comics.
  • BW Christmas Review: The First Christmas Snow: This was the first year with an actual boom mic. That makes it magical. It’s also the only Video Review I did for this cycle because of trying to catch up with convention footage and other things.
  • Violent Media And You: I think the “and you” thing is an unofficial series at this point. This is when they tried to blame video games and other media for the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and some others around that time. I explain where all sides of the debate are right and wrong.
  • Superman’s Continued “Injustice”: In which I go over my problems with the Injustice: Gods Among Us take on Superman not because it’s bad but because it’s becoming the rule rather than the exception.
  • Super Bowl Ad Awards 2013: This year I made a video rather than post a bunch of smaller ones that might not be there a year later. First time I tried a video like this and the first time I tried a logo on the screen.
  • Can I call this an award-winning site now?: Draconic Verses writer Jim Phoel bestowed the Spotlight with the Liebster Award, so I gave a few other favorite sites the same treatment.
  • BW Responds: The Argument For All-Ages: I should have taken more time to check for typos, but I still think I made a good defense of All-Ages comics against someone extremely opposed to them. I think he just hates kids.
  • The First Female Decepticons: And the first relic from my old Transformers fansite.
  • Scanning My Collection: My First JLA Comic:  My first three comics were a present and helped steer me towards the comics I enjoy today. One of the was Justice League Of America #162.
  • Why Doctor Octopus Became Spider-Man: It’s a stupid idea, but there’s a reason Doctor Octopus was chosen to become the “superior” Spider-Man. Also, if that video isn’t working, it’s because Blip took his show down and I’m still waiting for the new posting on YouTube.
  • The Furman Files: Unicron, Primus, and the Quintessons: The series returned as I went over the various Transformers origins and choose my favorite.

Okay, I’m surprised at how many of my articles I still like, typos and all. I really need to work on typos. Tomorrow I’ll go over the second half of the year and see what comes up.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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