Doctor Who Prisoners Of Time #11

The Silence do not appear in this comic. Or do they? Maybe I forgot.

Doctor Who:  Prisoners Of Time #11

IDW Publishing (November, 2013)

WRITERS: Scott & David Tipton
ARTIST: Matthew Dow Smith
COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff
SELECTED COVER ART: Francesco Francavilla
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

We don’t get to see the adventure just before Clara’s being kidnapped by Adam (at least I think it’s Clara, we only see her from behind but she has the right hair color and style). The 11th Doctor follows the clues of the previous encounters and Adam’s old work place to where he’s keeping the various Companions, an obvious trap. What isn’t obvious is who Adam is working with—the Master!—and his planned revenge on the Doctor!

What they got right: At some point this story had to shift to tracking down Adam and this seems like a good point to do it. Adam’s final revenge plan makes sense.

What they got wrong: At some point, hopefully next issue because it’s the last one, one of the Doctors needs to explain to Adam why #9 left behind, but call out #9 for leaving the spike operational. But #s 9 and 10 were rather vengeance-minded, which is why I don’t cheer them as much as New Who fans do. I also wonder why they went with the Anthony Ainley version of the Master, or why they dragged him into what is essentially a New Who story. He’s also popped up the most in this miniseries, with three appearances thus far. And yet I don’t recall IDW ever using the Daleks. Unless I’m forgetting a story.

Recommendation: While the series isn’t all that spectacular it isn’t bad, or at least it’s better than the Tipton’s last Who mini-series (the TNG team-up). Things are wrapping up here and it’s worth taking a look at, even if nothing stood out for Best Scene.


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