Doctor Who Prisoners Of Time #12

That’s one fancy pipe organ.

Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #12


IDW Publishing (November, 2013)

WRITERS: Scott & David Tipton
ARTIST: Kelly Yates
COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff
SELECTED COVER ARTIST: Francesco Francavilla
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

The Doctor brings in the troops, or rather the other 10 Doctors. Aided by 10th’s plan with Frobisher, they’re joined by the companions to stop the Master and Adam’s plan…but one of them will join the Doctor’s side!

What they got right: Adam’s story comes to a satisfying conclusion (save one moment). It was neat to see not only all the Doctors but all those Companions together in the same story, even if time meant not everybody got to do something. Maybe because of Adam, but only the New Who Companions, most notably Rose, had any important lines.

What they got wrong: There was no resolution between Adam and Doctor 9, or at least not a good one. Also, Adam seems to have grabbed Companions besides the ones we saw, like Rory and Amy.

Recommendation: The finish is mostly satisfying but the individual stories have been hit or miss. I think The Forgotten did more with less issues to work with but Prisoners Of Time is still worth a look.

Always cool to see all the Doctors together.

Always cool to see all the Doctors together.

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