Samurai Jack #2

Jack isn’t enjoying Woodstock 2013 as much as he thought.

Samurai Jack #2

IDW Publishing (November, 2013)

“The Threads Of Time” part 2
ARTIST: Andy Suriano
COLORIST: Josh Burcham
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman
“SAMURAI JACK” CREATOR: Genndy Tartakovsky

The search for the next thread takes Jack to a village whose “protectors” Siamese cats named Dis and Dat, have the people in fear. Jack is defeated by the two but thanks to the thread learns the key to beating them.

What they got right: One of the interesting aspects of the show is that from time to time Jack would come upon a foe who could defeat him or at least hold him off until he either makes himself stronger or uses his wits to uncover how to win. While the thread shows Jack how Dis and Dat beat him it’s still Jack who much deduce what to do with that knowledge. So they kept this aspect of Jack in rather than having Jack able to defeat everybody ever because he’s just that good. Watching him struggle to improve, even against someone weaker than Aku, is what makes Jack interesting as long as there are foes he’s already strong and smart enough to take out.

What they got wrong: It might have been more interesting if Dis and Dat’s tandem technique had been something for Jack to overcome rather than the somewhat easier solution, but it does tie in with Jack’s current quest so I’ll otherwise let it go.

Recommendation: If you missed out on the TV show and want to see what all the hype is about, this comic is the next best thing to watching the show. But you really should watch the show.

I like how the visuals pull stuff like this, just like the show and it's inspirations.

I like how the visuals pull stuff like this, just like the show and it’s inspirations.



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