Batman '66 #5

That’s got to be an uncomfortable position to sleep in.

Batman ’66 #5

DC Comics (January, 2014)

WRITER: Jeff Parker
COVER ART: Michael & Laura Allred
“The Sandman Says Good Night”
ARTIST: Rubin Procopio
COLORIST: Matthew Wilson
“Tail Of The Tiger Topaz”
ART & COLOR: Colleen Coover

In the first tale, the Sandman has developed a form of his sand that can be spread to a large number of people using a fire truck. Even Batman and Robin aren’t immune to the sleep-inducing sand, or how it makes you talk in your sleep–like revealing the location of the Batcave!

What they got right: It’s nice that they get the show-created villains in the comic, like Sandman this issue. To be honest I don’t remember his story so I can’t comment on the accuracy. A number of the panels are spot on for Adam West and Burt Ward (within required limits)…

What they got wrong: And yet some aren’t. The linework is exaggerated, which I also complained about in Nightwing this morning. It makes sense when we’re seeing things through the sleepy haze of Sandman’s sand but some panels aren’t in that form but still look a bit over. And I have yet to see anyone drawn Commission Gordon properly resemble actor Neil Hamilton in this comic.

The second story brings Batgirl ’66 (well, ’68) into the comic. When her dad gets Barbra an early showing of a new gem Catwoman is getting her own view. With Batman and Robin away it’s up to the third member of the Terrific Trio to save the day.

What they got right: I do like how they had the sense to use the actress (Eartha Kitt) who played Catwoman around the time Batgirl joined the show. Also, nice nod having “Kittwoman” singing one of Eartha’s more famous, and fitting, songs.

What they got wrong: Someone could make the case that Batgirl at best keeps Catwoman occupied (exhausting both women) until the cops arrived. Batman would have had her and her henchmen (whom Catwoman doesn’t use here) already knocked out or tied up by the time Gordon arrived.

Recommendation: Still a fun Batman for people who see the good in the TV show. Well worth picking up.

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