Nightwing #3

“Hey doofus, turn your brights down!”

Nightwing #3

DC Comics (December, 1998)

“The Free Booters”
WRITER: Chuck Dixon
PENCILER: Scott McDaniel
INKER: Karl Story
COLORIST: Roberta Tewes
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: Darren Vincenzo

Nightwing is no closer to solving the murders that brought him here, but at least he has a place to stay…that he has to help fix up. (And he still hasn’t seen the face of the building super.) Soames knows more than he’s saying, and Black Mask’s fox-masked henchman is stealing an entire drug-seller place. This is an interesting city for our hero.

What they got right: Bludhaven is worse that pre-Batman Gotham, which makes it an interesting challenge. Dick is really trying to make his own path as a superhero and step out of Batman’s shadow and I like seeing that.

What they got wrong: I really didn’t like the artwork here. Lineart is exaggerated in all the wrong ways so that it’s almost bad Marvel 90’s artwork.

Recommendation: Unless you’re planning to collect the series, there’s not much here to recommend but it’s not bad enough to avoid, either.

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