Real Adv Of Jonny Quest #4

“I have the strange feeling I’m being watched.”

The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest #4

Dark Horse (December, 1996)

“Net Of Chaos” part 4
WRITER: Kate Worley
ARTIST: Francisco Solano Lopez
COLORIST: James Sinclair
COVER ART: David Christiana
LETTERER: Tracey Hampton-Munsey
DESIGNER: Scott Rice
EDITOR: Philip Amara

With Janos’ former followers filling in the gaps, the Quest team makes their move on his operation and Jonny and Hadji move to rescue Bandit. Janos is ready for them but that doesn’t help as the group finally bring him down. Elizabet decides to open a computer school for the Rom children, and even Stephan wants to join up.

What they got right: The end of this first arc is quite satisfying. The art is good, the resolution works, happy ending and all, and the characters remind me of the show it was based on.

What they got wrong: Part of me wanted to see Jessie and the Rom girl she’s been chasing through much of the story resolve their differences. That’s pretty much it.

Recommendation: If you can find these four issues I highly recommend it. It was a good story whether your a fan of the show or not. The rest of Dark Horse’s run will be hit or miss. There were some good ones and some bad ones, but this arc was easily the best and worth a read.

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