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Most of us know about Thunderbirds and maybe a few others have seen other “Supermarionation” series by the Andersons. One that I’ve heard of but never had the chance to watch is Fireball XL-5. So why don’t we watch it together?

Not a whole lot to say on this one. You can see that’s an early work even without the colors. The head of the good guys has weird lips. I do like the alien design. The ship is really outdated externally but they have room for a lot of rooms in that thing. One question I do have to ask is the Anderson’s obsession with things turning around. I don’t see where the scientist’s table had to turn around, but even weirder is the good guy headquarters always spinning. Did someone want the view to change that much? Did Gerry Anderson thinks spinning=futuristic?

The whole series is up on Hulu if you’re interested. I might check out a few more episodes someday. When I’ve caught up to everything else. At the very least there’s some minor riffing to be had. Hey, when you call your hero Steve Zodiac you’re asking not to be taken seriously in 2014.

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