scott may's daredevil stunt show

scott may’s daredevil stunt show (Photo credit: dryfish)

Stuntmen are invisible…pretty much by design. If you can tell that Matt Damon isn’t the one jumping from a rooftop or whatever it is Jason Borne does they failed in their job. However, it’s just a bit worse for a stuntwoman. She’s hampered by the sexy outfit the director put the actress she’s standing in for is wearing, But “5 Reasons Doing Movie Stunts Is Harder Than You Think” looks at the problem all stunt performers have. Think being a daredevil is all there is to it? Think it’s easy to be decapitated? Cracked contributor J.F. Sargent and professional stuntwoman Maya Santandrea may have you rethinking stunt work as a career choice if you think it’s all action and kicking Death in the teeth.

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