Captain N The Game Master #2

“I said a little off the top! Not smash my top off!”

Captain N: The Game Master #2

Valiant/Nintendo Comics System (1990)

George Caragonne
Don Hudson
Jose Marzan
Ken Lopez
John Caballero
The Gradations
Bill Vallely
Mark McClellan
Bob Layton
Dan Panosian
Meridee Mandia
Chris Henderson
Mike Chen

Our cover story, “The Happy Zone” has Mother Brain kidnapping Lana and putting her in said zone. Having to choose besides leaving Lana alone there forever (the portal is a one-way trip) and the safety of Videoland, Keven chooses the latter and only a “second way out” keeps Mother Brain’s jar from the beating you see on the cover. (I previously used it in a Friday Night Fight.) The comic makes no bones about Kevin and Lana being in a relationship in this story, despite Lana telling Samus in the previous issue that Kevin isn’t her boyfriend and their feeling for each other unclear in the TV show. This bit of continuity aside it’s a good story although there’s one panel where Kevin tells the rescued Lana “stand back, sweetheart” that will make you go “really, Kevin?”.

The we have the shorts. “Villains’ Do’s And Dont’s” has Mother Brain demonstrating how to do villainy right (represented by Uranos) and wrong (demonstrated by Eggplant Wizard). It’s a funny bit. “The Gift” doesn’t seem like it was made for this comic, but does use that design of Mother Brain as she receives a facial machine that looks more like a torture device. It’s not as good.

Then there’s “Just a Dog”. This is a story I reviewed when it popped up in Nintendo Comic System, an anthology published during Valiant’s second publishing. I’ll just copy/paste here:

Maybe somebody knows: did Valiant ever put out a Captain N comic in the relaunch? I haven’t seen one in the normal comic format, just the bigger/thicker stock paper version of the first launch. This story I will have to read again when I get to my Captain N comics [told you] and it’s not a very good one. Off-panel, Duke fell into a river and caught a cold. Kevin’s concern about his dog annoys Kid Icarus, who for some reason in the comic version is jealous of Duke, thinking he should be Captain N’s #1. I hated seeing Kid written that way since that’s counter to (granted what little) personality he had in the show. And this is one of the few writers who remembered the “a-cus” endings to Kid’s sentences. THAT I could have done without as it was the one thing I found annoying about the show character.

It’s the ending that really bugs me. The trio was investigating reports that Mother Brain was preparing another assault and happen to stumble on Eggplant Wizard and his army of samurai (no idea what game they’re supposed to be from). They overwhelm Kevin and Kid, but then they run off when Duke appears because they’re actually a bunch of cats. Even Eggplant Wizard isn’t scared of Duke, and the dog is sick. The samurai cats (no pizza) have weapons and outnumber him. It’s a lame joke, I think the point is that Kid gains a bit of respect for Duke (which wouldn’t last long as a later comic had him jealous of the attention Kevin gives Duke again) but the whole thing falls flat.

The first story and the first short are good enough to at least give the comic a look but only if you actually liked the show. “The Gift” is kind of lame and “Just A Dog” is as uninteresting now as it was when I reviewed it in the other comic. I wouldn’t run to get this issue.


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