Cartoon Network Presents Space Ghost

“What? Superman got to have a mini clone of himself once.”

Cartoon Network Presents Space Ghost

Archie Comics (May, 1997)

Oddly, no credits are given for colors, letters, or editing.
WRITER: Bill Matheny
PENCILER: Scott Rosema
“The Final Defeat Of Space Ghost”
INKER: Jorge Pacheco
“Trapped By The Time Bot!”
INKER: Scott Awley

In our first story, our heroes race to what turns out to be a trap by Brak and Transut. (And this isn’t Coast To Coast so this would be a bad thing.) The end result is that Space Ghost ends up a real ghost, just not a dead one, as he must get his Power Bands back to restore himself.

What they got right: This is the kind of story you’d see in a Space Ghost cartoon. The art is very close to the show’s design, and the explosions look like they took the actual animation cells and put onomatopoeia on them. (That’s visual sound effects to the uninitiated.)

What they got wrong: Did they necessarily have to be studying the asteroid belt where the fake distress signal came from? All they should have needed was to be picking up the distress signal. I’m sure the computer scans for that on a regular basis.

In our second adventure, Metallus’ “time bot” sends Space Ghost and Blip into the past…and into the “lost valley” of Dino Boy and Ugh the caveman. As the teens try to get their friends back home, our other heroes must rescue Space Ghost from being a Dino-sacrifice.

What they got right: Dino Boy In The Lost Valley was a segment that appeared during the Space Ghost cartoon but they never teamed up, even in the six part (taking place over two episodes) “Council Of Doom” arc where Space Ghost met the Herculoids, Shazzan, Moby Dick the Super Whale, and Mightor. So finally they get to team up and it was worth the wait. The story works great and even though it’s the same penciler the other inker nudged a bit more to matching the cartoon character models. For proof, check out this old Friday Night Fight which came from this comic.

What they got wrong: There’s a panel where Dino Boy called Space Ghost by name before he should have heard it. I doubt Blip told him.

Recommendation: This comic is an absolute must-have for fans of Space Ghost and his young friends. It’ll take you back to the classic series and there’s only one other comic that’s done that for me (Comico’s one-shot, also a must-have).

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