This week’s fight comes from one of our many trips to the planet Amzot this week. If you’ve been following the afternoon edition of “Yesterday’s” Comic this week you already know which one. If not, then prepare yourself for fists of stone, because these guys aren’t on Animal Planet!

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Sugar Ray” round 6

The Battlefield: Cartoon Network Presents #5 (DC Comics; December, 1997) “Everybody Needs Somebody”

The Promoters: Michael Kraiger (writer), Glenn Barr (artist), Bernie Mireault (colorist), and Phil Felix (letterer)

As you may recall from the review this week, Tara, Dorno, Tundro, and Gleep went to the rock forest hoping to find a friend for Igoo among his own kind. All they found was a rock panther who now has them cornered. Luckily, help is just nearby.

King Kong was Igoo's idol.

King Kong was Igoo’s idol.

Remember, stick to the wooden forests. Real panthers are easier to fight than stone ones.

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Head to by this Sunday night and vote in the Friday Night Fights. (Forum membership is not required to vote, only to comment.) Winners of these 12 round will enter the Prize Fight, so feel free to join in. We could use the competition.


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