I couldn’t find an intro for the Galaxy Trio that explained who they were but this shows off what they can do. Airing alongside Birdman, as I explained in the previous post today, this team of heroes seems all but forgotten. Luckily someone remembered them, leading to tonight’s fight.

And I know we went to this series last week, but that’s what happens when you go through your old comics.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Sugar Ray” round 7

The Battlefield: Cartoon Network Presents # 17 (DC Comics: January, 1999) “Giant Robot Rumble!”

The Promoters: Michael Kraiger (writer), John Delaney (penciler), Dave Cooper (inker), Bernie Mireault (colorist), and Phil Felix (letterer)

The Review: here

One of the Trio’s old enemies is attacking them with a giant robot. Why he gave the robot a sexy female form…I’d rather not know.

Sugar Ray 07a

“Now let me go on about my button for a while.”

Having found the controls it’s time to teleport Meteor Man in to say hello.

Sugar Ray 07b

“Power up” is their “beam me up”.

I’ve spared you the pun that came next.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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