Mega Man #33

I wanted to make an “unplugged” joke, but the gag strip in this issue did it already.

Mega Man #33

Archie Comics (March, 2014)

WRITER: Ian Flynn
INKER: Gary Martin
COLORIST: Matt Herms
LETTERER: John Workman
EDITOR: Paul Kaminski

As Dr. Light works to bring Rock back online he has some surprising help…Doctor Wily! Most of the comic is about the repair efforts and the love of his family. Once he’s back online, however, Wily still has some things to answer for, even if he can’t be blamed for Ra Moon’s actions. And back at the temple, the Wily bots are after Shadow Man.

What they got right: After a high-action story it’s good to let the characters gather themselves and I do like how Mega Man needs major repairs, showing he isn’t invincible. It’s also interesting to see Light and Wily working together again. This version of Wily is an exception to what I was talking about last night. He’s still evil and you want him to lose but he has something Luthor doesn’t…a line he won’t cross to complete his goals. The only other villain that pops to mine with similar limits is Carmen Sandiego in the animated TV show. And yet Auto doesn’t immediately trust him and the officers eventually have to take him in although they stretched their authority to let him. In the 3rd game Wily pretends to be good and this could be a set up to that adaptation.

What they got wrong: I really don’t have any complaints.

Recommendation: A good comic to take a needed breather after the Sonic crossover and the Ra Moon story line. It’s worth looking at if you’ve been following along and next issue might make a good jump-on point for readers who need them.

This issue refuses to let me make a joke about it.

This issue refuses to let me make a joke about it.

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