Daring New Adv of Supergirl #3

Talk about letting yourself go.

The Daring New Adventures Of Supergirl #3

DC Comics (January, 1993)

I really wanted to know how this story arc ended.

EDITOR: Julius Scwartz
“Decay Day!”
WRITER: Paul Kupperberg
ARTIST: Carmine Infantino & Bob Oksner
Lois Lane: “Missy Is M ssing!” (don’t look at me, that’s how they wrote it)
WRITER: Tamsyn O’Flynn
ARTIST: Bob Oksner
LETTERER: Adam Kubert

Supergirl thought she could take a breather when Psi disappeared. However, Pendergast was turned into a creature calling itself Decay, the very thing he was supposedly fighting against. As Supergirl battles the monster it looks like she might not win, until Psi comes and uses her power, which turned Pendergast into Decay in the first place, to restore him. Meanwhile events are setup for a future problem for one of Linda’s new friends.

What they got right: I like seeing Kara continue to find a home in Chicago. She gets a source of income and another supporting cast member that should prove interesting. We also get a conclusion to the arc.

What they got wrong: The end came up at least a few pages short, possibly to make room for the Lois Lane story, but Psi just shows up and zaps him back. It’s rather anticlimactic considering the fight.

In Lois’s story this issue an up-and-coming runway model turns up missing just as her father arrives. However, daddy is in trouble with some bad guys who decide to kidnap the girl, and Lois and Jamie dig into it, and Jimmy tries to find out who’s been leaving news stories on their desks before the events even happen!

What they got right: I’m liking the supporting cast, Jamie and Mark. I kind of wonder what happened to them. There’s a good mystery set-up to challenge Lois and her crew without necessarily needing Superman.

What they got wrong: Half the story, short as it is being a back-up feature, has little to do with Lois, but focuses on Missy (the model) and Jamie’s interest in Mark while Mark is still pining for a girl from last story. This is supposed to be Lois’s feature, not a generic Daily Planet story….although I could get behind that idea.

Recommendation: Two decent stories that I found worth picking up. Give it a shot and remember when Supergirl wasn’t Red Lantern material. (Seriously, DC, what were you thinking?)


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