Bio-Booster Armor Guyver Pt 4 #3

Maybe you should eat something.

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver Part 4 #3

Viz Comics 1996)

WRITER/ARTIST: Yoshiki Takaya
TRANSLATION: Fred Burke & Toshifumi Yoshida
COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Toshifumi Yoshida
EDITOR: Annette Roman

With Mizuki in danger, Sho is finally able to get past his psychological block and summon the Guyver armor. Aptom shows that he can take on the powers of the previous Zoanoids Sho has fought. This chapter ends during the battle.

What they got right: Aptom has a good reason to want to defeat Sho since the lost numbers pretty much only have each other and Sho has already destroyed two of them. Since the story cuts mid-action due to the layout there’s not much else to say.

What they got wrong: Did Aptom really have to strip Mizuki to her underwear? I know he wasn’t being perverted, just trying to force Sho to bio-boost. However, it feels like fanservice and I don’t think this comic needs that.

Recommendation: Not a lot happens this issue but only because of the change between printing formats. Still, Sho boosts and we learn more about the lost numbers so if you’re getting the full series it’s a good addition.

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