Astro City #8

Remember when emulating the Justice League was considered a positive?

Astro City #8

DC/Vertigo (March, 2014)

“The View From The Shadows”
WRITER: Kurt Busiek
ARTIST: Brent Eric Anderson
COLORIST: Alex Sinclair
COVER ART: Alex Ross
LETTERING/DESIGN: John G. Roshell & Jimmy Betancourt
EDITOR: Kristy Quinn

The Confessor has broken into Winged Victory’s school…to prove her innocents. Finally accepting his and the Samaritan’s aid they try to figure out who might be behind her framing before the government troops arrive. Then she’s attacked by the possible culprit.

What they got right: This issue focused on the heroes, and despite a brief moment where Samaritan and the Confessor fought (and as you’ll see ended it in a better state than most Marvel or New 52 hero fights) they work together going over clues and suspects. Even the superhuman task force is willing to work with Winged Victory to ensure the women in her care get help.

What they got wrong: Our male visitor is almost forgotten. He gets a brief backstory and that’s it. Also, why is he unconscious when he was moving around at the end of last issue. (Even if he probably shouldn’t have been.)

Recommendation: Still a fascinating take on superhero comics that’s worth picking up.

Wait, they're getting along? No wonder this is Vertigo and not DC.

Wait, they’re getting along? No wonder this is Vertigo and not DC.

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