The Brady Kids

The Brady Kids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are two things Filmation enjoyed doing, animated spin-offs and having the characters perform a song at some point in the show. So when they had a chance to merge the two, they did. Fat Albert and the gang, the Archies…I’m surprised they didn’t have the Gilligan’s Island characters break out the instruments at some point. Therefore it should come as no surprise that they were happy to create an animated spin-off of The Brady Bunch once the kids started performing their own music.

Instead of the debut episode, however, I thought this would be more interesting, for the episode “It’s All Greek To Me” features (as far as I know) the animated debut of Wonder Woman before she showed up the next season on Superfriends. The kids also teamed up with Superman and the Lone Ranger, both of whom had Filmation shows because I’m sure I didn’t dream those episodes up. (Wikipedia at least confirms the Superman episode.) I could only find the episode in 3 parts so watch what happens when the Bradys and the amazing Amazon are transported to ancient Greece by the kids’ magic bird. What, you don’t remember him in the show?

I have to ask why the laugh track was added for the first time Diana ran around as Wonder Woman? For the record, none of the regular adults ever made so much as a cameo on the show. At best the parents were mentioned in passing and I don’t recall Alice even getting that. Chuck White was a recurring nemesis for the kids on the cartoon.

Let’s talk about the animals. Mop Top seems to be a replacement for the regular show’s family dog, Tiger, but I couldn’t tell you if Tiger had been put down (or hit by a car or however he was written out) by this point. Had they stopped with Marlon and Mop Top, I’d be fine with that. But then you have Ping and Pong (get it? GET IT? Because it’s not funny!), two Chinese pandas sent into space that (and I forget if there was a reason) crashed near the kids and ended up staying with them. (Nope, no international incident here.) These two were useless; like Ferbus on Masked Rider useless. Mop Top had the comic relief job…which seems silly to have in a comedy show…so there was no need for these two. At all.

It seems to me that the younger the kids were the more likely they were to be better at voice acting. Strange.

CBS has not given the show a proper DVD release and unlike other Filmation shows they have all rights to The Brady Kids. Wikipedia theorizes it’s the two DC Comics guest appearances that are to blame. No matter. It’s not a bad show but not one of Filmation’s best, either. Still, having the first animated Wonder Woman (or at least before Superfriends came to be) is something to be proud of.

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