Scribblenauts Unmasked #1

“Just like we broke this word balloon!”

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A Crisis Of Imagination #1

DC Comics (March, 2014)

“The Last Laugh?
WRITER: Josh Elder
ARTISTS: Adam Archer (also cover) & Ben Bates
COLORIST: Ian Herring
LETTERER: Saida Temofonte
EDITOR: Alex Antone

Scribblenauts is a video game where you take on the role of Maxwell and use your magic notebook to create all sort of zany things to help you solve puzzles. Unmasked sends Maxwell and his sister, Lily, into the DC Universe to aid the Justice League. I have not played any of the games, but there’s a handy intro to the story at the beginning of the comic.

The comic takes place after the events of the game, as the Phantom Stranger calls on the siblings to help out again against a new, unknown villain. Their first stop is Gotham City, as the Bat-Family’s enemies have been souped-up. But it’s not the only problem our young heroes will face.

What they got right: It was nice of them to give those of us who haven’t played the game background information on it so we could follow the comic. While it probably spoils a large part of the game it’s still necessary if you haven’t played it to follow the comic while anyone who played the games can move past it. I like how cute the characters are and while a bit relaxed they still break out some fun stuff…including a cameo by Bat-Cow, the rare fun moment in the New 52.

What they got wrong: I think I should blame the game for this, but why do the DCU characters not have mouths (except Joker and Clayface for obvious reasons) when the Scribblenauts Universe characters do? Of course they also have dinosaurs and robots having babies together so maybe they’re just weird. Also, I think they spoiled half of the comic miniseries when Madame Xanadu is warning the Phantom Stranger.

Recommendation: I originally passed on this comic because I didn’t play the games (which I only just learned Unmasked has a PC port–and I’m still almost broke) but I leafed through #2 and it convinced me to pick up the first two issues and give it a try. So far, I’m glad I did so give it a look.

Comics can go home now. They'll never top this scene!

Comics can go home now. They’ll never top this scene! (Yes, that’s a dare.)

What, you thought I was kidding about robot dinobabies?

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