Batman '66 #8

“Why do our show-exclusive villains keep growing to giant-sized?”

Batman ’66 #8

DC Comics (April, 2014)

WRITER: Jeff Parker
ARTIST: Rubin Procopio
COVER ART: Michael & Laura Allred
LETTERER: Wes Abbott
“King Tut Barges In”
COLORIST: Lee Loughridge
“Showdown With Shame!”
COLORIST: Rubin Procopio

This is going to be a tough one for me, folks. King Tut and Shame are two of my least favorite original villains from the show. King Tut is the same gimmick over and over: Doctor William McElroy, professor of Egyptology, is hit in the head, thinks he’s King Tut, goes on a crime spree, gets stopped by the Terrific Trio, and then gets hit on the head again not realizing what happened. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This time however, Tut was faking his restoration, and finds a sarcophagus that transports him and his cronies back in time to trade with another pharaoh. Can Batman and Robin stop his scheme?

What they got right: Having Tut retain his evil persona and use “McElroy” to set-up his crime was rather brilliant. They even lampshade the good Doctor’s unfortunate problem of being hit on the head so much. While time travel seems out-of-place for the TV show I found myself enjoying the story too much to really care.

What they got wrong: Why did Batman have to alter his Bat-Shark repellent to work on crocodiles? Why wouldn’t he just already have crocodile repellent?

Then there’s Shame and I’ll tell you right now this story didn’t help as well as Tut’s Shame is a criminal who dresses as a cowboy and has his flunkies do likewise because he’s an Old West fanboy…or at least old Westerns. How did the Mad Hatter or False Face not get a second episode but this guy made more than one appearance?

Anyway, in this story Shame, his lady friend, and his Native American Injun sidekick (who is also a scholar but forced to act like an old Western interpretation of “Indians”) go claim-jumping and train robbing in Wyoming. However, the Caped Crusaders were finishing up one bit of crime-solving in these parts and decided to stop Shame’s gang as well.

I can’t call it a bad story, but it didn’t really hold my attention, either. I’d blame my dislike of the character but he managed to do something different with King Tut besides move the story to Wyoming. I did like Thunderhawk so his being there made the story at least a little fun. The coloring style is similar to Li’l Gotham but it doesn’t work as well here.

Recommendation: Worth it for the first story but unless your a Shame fan or never saw him before I can’t say the second story was that good.

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