Bio-Booster Armor Guyver pt 5 #5

The most Guyver action you’ll be seeing this issue.

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver Part 5 #5

Viz Comics (1989)

originally published in Tokuma Shoten Publishing

WRITER/ARTIST: Toshiki Takaya
TRANSLATION: Fred Burke & Kaoru Hosaka
COVER: Viz Graphics
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Toshifumi Yoshida
EDITOR: Annette Roman

No Guyver in this issue. Instead Aptom has his head blasted off (literally) but a strange new arrival in a suit who arrives in a glowing light. Meanwhile, the 12 Zoalords not in Japan gather in Arizona to discuss Gyro’s betrayal. That’s really all that happens. I think the only reason I did a review at all was to give the synopsis and let you know I’m not missing another issue, like I am #1 of part 5. The fight between Aptom and the suited guy was short, and there’s a mystery around him. Not much else to say.

This is not the issue to start on but it seem pretty important if you’re collecting part 5 in installments like this rather than as a collective GN.


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