The Lost World JP #1

She did, and so did her dino sandwich shop.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park #1

Topps Comics (May, 1997)

WRITER: Don McGregor
PENCILER: Jeff Butler
INKER: Armando Gil
COLORIST/EDITOR: Renée Witterstaetter
COVER ART: Walter Simonson & Richard Ory

As you can guess, this is a four-part adaptation of the second Jurassic Park movie, beginning with the little girl whose parents go yachting and accidentally ends up on “site B”, where the dinosaurs were actually created. This allows Hammond’s nephew to seize control of the island with plans to exploit the dinosaurs. Hammond wants to send Ian Malcom with a team to prove to the world that the island does exist and should be left alone. Ian is against anything involving the dinosaurs until he learns a member of the team is Ian’s girlfriend and she’s already there. Meanwhile, someone is gathering a hunter to head to site B.

What they got right: Any problems I have with this comic comes from the movie itself, and not this adaptation. The dinosaurs look good, the characters look as close as likenesses can be legally, and it’s competently written. If I had a problem with the comic it would be the captions being too descriptive.

What they got wrong: This all comes from the novel and the movie. What was the point of the little girl being here? Hammond wanted his grandkids to see the park so I understand their presence but not in this movie. And this story never really felt necessary. I read the novel and I couldn’t get through it because the descriptions of the dinosaur attacks was a bit too graphic to eat by. However, I never got into it the way I did the first novel. In fact, I thought the first novel was better than the movie, but the reverse is true for the sequel.

Other notes: Fun fact/SPOILER FOR THE NOVELS: Hammond dies at the end of the first novel so they needed a way to get him out of the story here. I haven’t read (that part of) the novel or seen the full movie in the while but there are a few changes between the two.

Recommendation: It’s not a bad adaptation but it’s for a story that doesn’t interest me as much so I can’t blame them. Still, it’s worth a look if you come across it.


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