TMNT Utrom Empire #2

“One step closer to the full Beanie Babies collection!”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Utrom Empire #2

IDW Publishing (February, 2014)

WRITER: Paul Allor
ARTIST: Andy Kuhn
COLORIST: Bill Crabtree
EDITOR: Bobby Curnow

Events in this story take place prior to the main title issue I reviewed yesterday.

In the past Krang begins to see that his father is more interested in conquest and maintaining family control than what is best for the Utrom race, while Krang is willing to sacrifice anything for the Utrom. In the present he proves that as he and Fugitoid work to save the Utrom in statis while Baxter continues attempting to destroy them. Meanwhile, Donatello looks into Honeycutt’s journal hoping to find a key to taking out the Technodrome machine.

What they got right: This version of Krang is really interesting, kind of like Man Of Steel‘s Zod done right. Fugitoid wants to stop Krang (who at this point has elements of his father in his goal to restore the Utrom) but he won’t commit genocide to do it. They’re interesting to watch.

What they got wrong: To the point where switching to the Turtles is almost a distraction. Donnie going through Honeycutt’s journal at this point appears to have no bearing on the story and going back to them takes away from events in the past (which still jumps back at a whim and at times makes no logical transition) and current events on Burnow Island.

Recommendation: It’s almost a continuation of Krang’s Villains special but other characters are getting some action as well. Give this one a look.

Go Dr. Honeycutt!

Go Dr. Honeycutt!


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