Cartoon Network Action Pack #1

I’m not going to have any jokes for these cover, am I?

Cartoon Network Action Pack #1

DC Comics (July, 2006)

LETTERER: Nick J. Napolitano
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern
EDITOR: Joan Hilty
Samurai Jack: “Double Dutch Death Valley”
WRITER: Robbie Busch
ARTIST: Mark Chiarello
COLORIST: Mark Chiarello
“SAMURAI JACK” CREATOR: Genndy Tartakovsky
The Powerpuff Girls The Rowdy Ruff Boys:  “Anything Boys Can Do, Squirrels Can Do Better:
WRITER: Abby Denson
PENCILER: Christopher Cook
INKER: Mike DeCarlo
COLORS: Heroic Age
Megas XLR: “Speed Limit”
WRITER: George Krstic
PENCILER: Matthew I. Jenkins
INKER: Jeff Albrecht
COLORS: Heroic Age
“MEGAS XLR” CREATORS: Jody Schaeffer & George Krstic

Three stories, so these will be short reviews.

The Samurai Jack story you may have already seen in IDW’s Free Comic Book Day sampler from 2013. Jack’s search for a way back brings him to the desert and a group of jump roping kids who happened to be possessed by Aku. So was the time tunnel a fake so Aku could toy with Jack? A decent enough story but I think I’m spoiled by Jim Zub’s run on the current solo series.

The Powerpuff Girls showed up in Cartoon Network Block Party so their mirror opposites, the Rowdyruff Boys, were given stories in this comic. Although here the Girls do show up when the Boys challenge them to a game of football. But when Bubbles is hurt, they call in a relief pitcher…Twitchy the Powerpuff Squirrel, who debuted in an early comic and was later made canon by debuting in the cartoon. It’s a fun story that worked well for the allowed length.

Megas XLR is actually written by one of the show’s creators so it’s accuracy to the show is not surprising. In a parody of Speed (how often does the show go after American media instead of poking loving fun at Japanese?), a bomb is put on the Megas that will explode if it goes under a certain speed, and the jets were damaged in battle. If you guessed major damage and a lot of fun followed, you’ve seen the TV show. Easily my favorite of the three stories.

All of them were enjoyable, though. This comic is worth getting if your fans of two or three of the properties.

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