I’ve tried reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series and I can tell you to not skip a book. My local library was missing one from the series and I was more confused than usual. Yet I can tell that Douglas Adams’ series has a reason to be as popular as it is. While at times it seems to be a lot of nonsense, it’s well structured and darn fun nonsense. The book has spawned a radio drama, TV show, and movie.

And then there’s the text game produced by Infocom. You don’t see text-based adventure games anymore. Point-and-click still has some life but we seem to want our video games to be…visual. And yet the BBC has posted a remake of Infocom’s Hitchhiker’s Guide text game, with some graphics (first move should be turn on the lights) to help you get oriented. It’s not an easy game. I know I’ve said I’m not very good but I died just trying to get out of the bedroom. See how far you can get. PROTIP: Don’t panic. (I had to throw that in there.)


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  1. jrphoel says:

    Remember to block the mousehole so the babel fish won;t slide into it & instead bounce off & into your ear where it belongs. Remember to be quick or else you won;t have it in by the time the Vogon guards come & get you. I actually remember that from playing th game way back when. Because it took me like 2 weeks to figure that out.


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