How Geoff Johns thinks superheroes should look.

How Geoff Johns thinks superheroes should look.

Nightwing #15

DC Comics (December, 1997)

“Warriors Two”
WRITER: Chuck Dixon
PENCILER: Scott McDaniel
INKER: Karl Story
COLORIST: Roberta Tewes
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: Scott Peterson

Nightwing and Batman are back on the case, and this time they have something that might be usable against Blockbuster. Batman takes on Lady Vic and Stallion while Nightwing confronts Blockbuster…but someone is even more interested in Blockbuster being taken down than our heroes.

What they got right: Bruce sees Dick as an equal, not a sidekick. I like that aspect of their relationship. The Soames and Tad subplots are nowhere to be seen and Clancy trying to get closer to Dick is just an excuse to bring up Nightwing’s need for a home base besides his apartment.

What they got wrong: How does the Bat costume look decent (although 90’s art still brings us terrible proportions) in the flashback but still looks terrible in the present? Those horn things still looks stupid and the art is still the horror you expected from the 90’s.

Recommendation: This ends the first big arc although I’m sure Blockbuster isn’t going away any time soon. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some new threats for Nightwing in the future.

Question, though. Should I continue through the Nightwing comics or take a break and focus elsewhere in the DC Universe? I’m thinking about going back to the beginning and going my way up, maybe returning to Nightwing at a later date.. What do you think? More Nightwing or something else for a while?


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