Bio-Booster Armor Guyver Part 6 #1

“I hope this goes better than our LAST camping trip.”

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver part 6 #1

Viz Comics (1996)

originally published by Tokuma Shoten Publishing

WRITER/ARTIST: Yoshiki Takaya
TRANSLATION: Fred Burke & Kaoru Hosaka
COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Toshifumi Yoshida
EDITOR: Annette Roman

Alkanphel confronts Gyro about his attempted betrayal and demands the Unit Remover while Valkus watches and Aptom appears to have found some friends. Meanwhile, the Guyvers make their way into the Relic itself.

This is one of those comics that shows I should have waited for the collected GN. That’s all that happens this issue. There are some minor revelations best saved for reading the comic but that’s it. At the time I didn’t know how Japanese make their comics and I’ve never been a “trade waiter” so this is what I’ve got.

It’s not a bad start for this arc and I still recommend the series to older readers between the bloody parts and the boring talky parts. I wish I could say more this issue but there’s nothing to really analyze that I haven’t already said about the series as a whole.

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