Bio-Booster Armor Guyver part 5 #7

“I’m just going to get you some eye drops.”

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver Part 5 #7

Viz Comics (1996)

WRITER/ARTIST: Yoshiki Takaya
TRANSLATION: Fred Burke & Kaoru Hosaka
COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Toshifumi Yoshida
EDITOR: Annette Roman

Mizuki is sworn to secrecy about Murakimi’s remaining life span, since he’s worried Sho would spend too much time protecting him. The heroes decide that the Relic itself, controlled by the Guyvers, may be the key to stopping Chronos’ Japanese base. However, the mysterious stranger has been revealed. It’s the mysterious Alkanphel in person, and he wants Gyro to hand over the Remover.

What they got right: Credit to Takaya for making a “war room” planning session interesting. I want to see where this build-up is going to.

What they got wrong: Nice entrance and all, but who didn’t call that the guy in the white suit with near-cosmic power and the guy they were talking about at the meeting who is supposed to have near-cosmic power was going to be the same Zoalord?

Recommendation: I wish I knew what graphic novel to point you to for all of part 5 and next week we begin on part 6 (however, it’s such a continuing story that I didn’t bother putting “FINAL ISSUE” in the opener). While it’s all healing and setup and exposition it was surprisingly interesting since I’ve been following the series. For that it’s a must-have set of comics or graphic novel.


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