Cartoon Network Action Pack #11

How do feet so small have an odor that big?

Cartoon Network Action Pack #11

COLORS: Heroic Age
LETTERER: John J. Hill
ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern
EDITOR: Joan Hilty
Ben 10: Techno Zombies
WRITER: Robbie Busch
ARTIST: Dario Brizuela
“BEN 10” CREATORS: Man Of Action
Samurai Jack: “Father’s Day”
WRITER: Sholly Fisch
ARTIST: Bill Wray
Megas XLR: “School Of Wreck:
PENCILER: Christopher Cook
INKER: Mike DeCarlo

Our first story, despite having Megas XLR later in the issue, is my favorite. Ben and his kin end up in a town that’s being controlled by high-tech headphones. It’s short but a good adventure as Greymatter and Upgrade come into play.

The second tale is short but sweet. A boy sees Samurai Jack fighting robots and decides he wants to be a samurai, until his father risks his life to protect him (don’t worry, Jack saves them both). It doesn’t need to be any longer than it is.

Our final tale I already discussed in yesterday’s Friday Night Fight, as Coop is forced to perform community service for all the buildings he smashes when smashing the robots. He chooses shop class teacher. Of course that’s going wrong, in a funny way.

This was a good issue that’s worth getting for fans of either of these series, but only if you’re a fan of at least two of them. They’re short stories and I don’t know if you want to pay full price (or whatever it’s going for) for just one.

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