Batman 66 #9

Well, if the butler did it then it should be easy for Batman.

Batman ’66 #9

DC Comics (May, 2014)

COLORIST: Tony Avina
COVER ART: Michael & Laura Allred
LETTERER: Wes Abbott
EDITOR: Jim Chadwick
“Zelda’s Great Escape”
WRITER: Jeff Parker
ARTIST: Craig Rousseau
“The Butler Did It!”
WRITER: Tom Peyer
PENCILER: Chris Sprouse
INKER: Karl Story



The first story has Zelda the Great kidnapping the Dynamic Duo to force them to escape out of traps for her magic show. Tagging along is Dick Grayson’s date who is sadly influenced by the criminal. I admit I barely remember Zelda’s name and I don’t even remember what her storyline was on the show. I’m kind of bothered by the ending, seeing Dick’s date possibly going evil, or at least she’s going to pursue a life without a love life. Considering her “muse” I’m kind of bummed by this ending, which I never expect to say with a Jeff Parker story.

The second features Alfred’s lookalike cousin, Egbert (was he on the show? I barely remember a story with an Alfred lookalike), taking his cousin’s place. When Batman and Robin put things together, they decide to expose the faker. This is the better story because it’s more fun.

Not that the first story was bad, My only problem with it was personal. I still recommend this comic to the show’s fans or anyone who wants a less darker Dark Knight.

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