Iron Man #3 (HR)

Tony needs a new chiropractor.

Iron Man Vol. 2 #3


Marvel Comics (January, 1997)

STORY: Scott Lobdell & Jim Lee
PENCILER: Whilce Poracio
INKERS: Scott Willaims & JD with Tom McWeeney & Trevor Scott
COLORISTS: Joe Chiodo & Martin Jimenez
LETTERS: A bunch of initials from Comicraft
EDITORS: Mike Heilser & Mike Rockwitz


I’m missing the second issue, but apparently Hulk and Iron Man had a big fight that caused a lot of damage. This issue the Fantastic Four investigates because Reed and Tony were college pals along with Victor Von Doom, Rebel, and Bruce Banner. With the armor damaged after the fight, Tony’s only hope is Pepper, whom he fired in issue #1. Luckily she doesn’t hold a grudge and gets him back to Stark HQ. That’s when the FF bust in and only Pepper proclaiming Iron Man to be Stark’s new bodyguard stops Iron Man and the Thing from tussling. Meanwhile Madame Hydra recruits the assassin Whirlwind and Arthur Parks, the man who sued Tony and lost at the beginning of the first issue, hooks himself up to a machine with the caption teasing the Living Laser.

You know, there are parts of this story I kind of like. I would say this was before Lobdell showed what he though of women but yesterday Linkara reviewed another comic he did from the 80’s about space mercenary chicks, so I’m going to assume Jim Lee had some hand in keeping Lobdell’s misogynistic side down. I do like watching Tony getting his spark back and Pepper as Tony’s confidant as Iron Man works for me.

But man is the art terrible. The “smokestacks” are also the only thing I can’t blame on the art work as it was a poor design feature that makes no sense. With a better artist the rest of it might be interesting given the story. And why did Pepper have to go blonde? There’s really no reason for it. That’s not my redhead preference talking. Okay, not JUST my readhead preference talking. And “Madame” Hydra still looks like a man in drag. Said bad being a costume that still looks better than Lady Vic’s from the Nightwing comics we were reviewing until this week. (They’ll be back; I just want to read something else for Monday’s.)

Recommendation: I’m kind of torn. On the one hand the story isn’t bad, or at least as bad as I was expecting. On the other the art is worse than I expected. I guess it’s a judgement call on your part. If it helps, I doubt the writing will stay this readable.

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