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I sometimes think Disney and Google are competing to control the entertainment world. Disney recently acquired Maker Studios, a company that offers YouTube partnerships. Now, I don’t know how YouTube partnerships work. However, I kind of post videos for them (unless I end up part of the next round of cuts) as they acquired Blip not too long ago. That means Disney owns Blip and that means I post for Disney. And I still don’t get enough views to be paid.

This will probably not benefit me at all. What WILL change?


Maybe nothing. Remember when Disney bought Marvel? People were all worried that Disney would sudden “Disneyfy” the Marvel Universe, but it’s still as dark and uninteresting as it’s always been. ESPN, housed here in Connecticut, and ABC haven’t changed that much when Disney bought Capital Cities. Actually, thinks kind of grew for them. ESPN has a number of channels, ABC bought Fox Family and eventually redefined “family” to mean their family of shows rather than family programming. Marvel went from licensing a few IPs to having their own cinematic universe and a part of the Disney XD lineup.

There’s a slight difference here, though. Maker Studios doesn’t produce their own content. From what I can tell (as I said, I haven’t really studied up on the YouTube partnership idea) they provide various forms of assistance for a share of the profits. This may include advertising but supposedly they help with claims made against the actual producer’s videos. Then there’s Blip, who also doesn’t produce their own content (except for a few “how to use our service” tutorials and updates). It hosts content produced by others, from sporting programs to science fiction, to romantic comedies, to news and review shows like I produce. Even the League of Super-Critics is a cooperation project with Channel Awesome, who makes all the content.

Now that I think about it what DOES Disney bring to Maker and how will it benefit us Blip users? And what benefit will Disney have? I suppose there are programs (probably not us reviewers) that they could find of interest for their various television networks but otherwise they’ve done pretty well with their own network’s internet presence. They’re Disney so needed to advertise “hey, we produce new Mickey Mouse shorts on YouTube now” shouldn’t be that hard and they’ll probably file more copyright claims than they’ll fight off. Maybe they will find new content from the various Maker partners on YouTube or the Blip creators? Maybe we’ll get the ability to host to other sites through Blip’s dashboard back. Maybe nothing will change at all? Only time will tell and if it does impact my stuff I’ll let you know.

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