Cartoon Network Starring #4

This was almost a Friday Night Fight.

Cartoon Network Starring #4

Featuring Space Ghost Coast To Coast

DC Comics (December, 1999)

“45 Minutes ‘Til Showtime!”
WRITER: Andy Merrill
LAYOUT: C. Martin Croker
INKER: Mike DeCarlo
COLORIST: Dave Tanguay
LETTERER: Phil Felix
EDITOR: Heidi MacDonald


Based on the parody talk-show, Space Ghost reminisces about the time he had to defeat the Schemer and the Collector and get back to the studio to interview Batman. With nobody telling him he forgot to take off his apron before leaving the condo.

What they got right: Merrill and Croker worked on the TV show so it makes sense that they capture the spirit. They also get to do more since they aren’t stuck with stock cels and footage.

What they got wrong: Later stories had celebrities but we didn’t get to see them on the monitor for the obvious reasons. Batman, however, is owned by the company who published this comic (DC, duh), so why couldn’t he appear in the monitor? Although I wounder if they’d use the Hanna-Barbera version or the then in use Bruce Timm design.

Recommendation: Anyone who would rather see the more serious adventures probably aren’t going to enjoy this one. Fans of the “Coast To Coast” version, however, should very much enjoy this.

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