Centurions #3

“Looks like the Mythbusters are at it again!”

Centurions #3

DC Comics (August, 1987)

WRITER: Bob Rozakis
ARTIST: Don Heck & Al Vey
COLORIST: Nancy Hollahan
LETTERER: Carrie Spiegle
EDITOR: Jonathan Peterson


During a rescue mission the Centurions’ end up with hearing loss being too close to a volcano eruption. Doc Terror finds out about one of the secret entrances to the Centurions’ secret Earth base and uses a sonic machine to take mental control of the staff but naturally it doesn’t current affect the Centurions. Now the trio must get their gear and stop Terror and Hacker to save Crystal and the staff even though they can’t hear.

What they got right: The “hero(es) losing a sense) plot is one of the standard tropes, although it’s usually eyesight and not hearing. However, the guys seems to have their teamwork down enough that it leads to some good combat and strategizing.

What they got wrong: Maybe a bit too well. The hearing loss prevents Terror’s machine from working but outside of Ace having trouble flying due to the imbalance there doesn’t seem to be any detrimental effects for them to overcome. In fact, it probably becomes an asset.

Recommendation: A good story that’s worth picking up. I do not currently own issue #4 so I can’t review the final issue in this miniseries. However, if it’s as enjoyable as these first three it’s worth looking into.


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