Samurai Jack #7

They became their own Rule 63!

Samurai Jack #7

IDW Publishing (April, 2014)

“Samurai Jaqueline And The Scotswoman”
ARTIST: Brittney Williams
COLORIST: Josh Burcham
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman
“SAMURAI JACK” CREATOR: Genndy Tartakovsky


Turned into females by the leprechauns, Jack and the Scotsman must destroy a creature who is, to paraphrase, as evil as the leprechauns are good. Soon our heroes put their heads together and discover how to defeat their enemies and get their man-parts back.

What they got right: While I’m not sure it was that hard figuring out who the evil was, the twist at least came with a nicely done reveal. Lady Jack does look like a female version of Jack.

What they got wrong: New bodies should have interfered with their fighting style. Normally, egotistical as he is, the Scotsman can put up a good fight, but Jack seems to have no trouble while the Scotsman, who has been in this body longer, was getting tossed around like Team Rocket. I’d have been satisfied with a brief training montage to show Jack adjusting to the new form.

Recommendation: Combined with the last issue this was a good story and fans should pick them both up.

"Well, that's never happened before. Now what do I do?"

“Well, that’s never happened before. Now what do I do?”


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