I've been wanting this up for a long time.

I’ve been wanting this up for a long time.

If you didn’t catch me saying it when it debuted, the concept for new set for Jake & Leon was something I had struggled with until the Comic Strip Critic debuted his new set. This got the ideas flowing again, proving you never know what can jump start your brain.

In the time since John Weber and The Punchline‘s appearance in the Internet Spotlight feature, John and I ended up on Reviewers Unknown (and we both have Eli “The Cartoon Hero” Stone, who you may remember from the Scooby-Doo review, to thank for our nominations) and we became friends. Both my Twitter feed and the site have appeared on his show. Sadly, I have not personally done so and for the 50th, where he was looking for cameos, time was my enemy and I didn’t get to film anything.

However, I did want to do something for his big 50th episode and BW Media Spotlight loves promoting stuff I like, so here’s the 50th, including cameos from reviewers and the comic strip creators John has made friends with over the past 49 episodes. Dude’s famous and junk in the comic strip community now since he’s the only video reviewer discussing newspaper strips. Not a lot of competition and he reaches out to creators of the stuff he enjoys to show them how much he loves their work. Well I enjoy his work so here’s some extra promotion for him.


I didn’t get to do a video for it, John, but happy 50th, and if I ever get the video reviews going again I have a couple of ideas for crossovers.

And here are the links so you can see the work of the cameos:

Donate to Team Cul de Sac:

comic strips

Read Heavenly Nostrils: This is one of John’s favorite webcomics
Read Lio: John’s review
Read Retail: / Not only does John enjoy the comic, but he appeared in one Sunday strip.


Watch Tea with Wallace: The link given isn’t working because I’m not a member, will add one if I can find one
Watch TV Trash: Rowdy is another fellow RU contributor
Watch IndyChristianReview: I need to check this out, as a Christian.

Follow the Punchline on Facebook and Twitter! Tell him Tronix says hi.

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