Transformers Windblade #1Transformers: Windblade #1IDW Publishing (April, 2014)

WRITER: Mairghread Scott

ARTIST: Sarah Stone (including selected cover)
LETTERER: Chris Mowry
EDITOR: John Barber


I didn’t pay attention to the “Dark Cybertron” crossover and I’m not really interested in going back. I’ve already noted that IDW’s take on Transformers never sat well with me and knowing we now have a Transformers Universe where Starscream runs Cybertron with Rattrap as his lackey and Megatron leads a group of Autobots isn’t likely to change my mind. However, Mairghread Scott proved herself to me as a Transformers scribe with the Dinobots comics set in the Prime universe (which includes the titular show and the games plus the Rescue Bots cartoon) so I was drawn to see what she’s do here.

Metropex somehow ended up back on Cybertron and now serves as the Cybertronian capital (I think). However, the Titan is still being repaired and Starscream blames Windblade, one who can talk to Metroplex in his native language (such Transformers are called “cityspeakers”). Windblade wants to trust Starscream because he’s in charge but a trip to the Oil House brings enough stories to show her the true Starscream. Then someone tries to kill her.

What they got right: I usually don’t care what race or gender the members of the creative team are, but in light of this redeeming the concept of female Transformers in the IDW G1 universe after what they did to Arcee and the concerns that female creators in comics are getting the shaft I have to applaud so many women among the writing and artists. (Only the letter, editor, and incentive cover artists are male.) And they’re good. Scott’s writing here is just as good as in the Dinobot comics and Windblade isn’t as uninteresting as fellow IDW-created Transformer Drift. I enjoyed learning about Windblade’s history and additions to the Transformer mythos in the IDW universe about other Transformer worlds.

What they got wrong: It was nice seeing Chromia here, but I hope Moonracer and Firestar show up if they haven’t already in the Dark Cybertron story. Plus I’m curious about what happens if they meet up with Arcee, the forced sex change victim, and that will always taint how I look at IDW Arcee.

Recommendation: Whatever problems I have with the current main Transformers titles this was a good story that I want to see the end to. Mairghread Scott is quickly putting herself on the list of favorite Transformers writers and I hope she keeps it up.

I couldn’t pick one moment for Best Scene because it’s that good.


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