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It’s that time again, kids. This Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 is Free Comic Book Day!

Considering how often I've done my back bad just with the ton o comics I own...

Considering how often I’ve done my back bad just with the ton o comics I own…

Yes, please remember your local comic store owners. They pay for the comics out of their own pockets so buy some and support your local comic store. In preparation I’m looking over the previews from their website (I was going to list them but I’m still going over them and it’s a long list of the hopefully obtaining) and determining which ones I want to get, and then hope my store of choice, Legends of Superheroes in Middlebury, CT, will have them. They’ll also have comic artist Dave Meikis there signing comics.

Per usual I’ll be doing a live-tweet of my Free Comic Book day haul under the hashtag #BW_FCBD. I thin I might do a wrap-up for The Tronix Tumblr as well. I may or may not record the event on video; I haven’t decided yet. Last year was real busy and I hope they do well this year. Again, don’t just grab the freebies but buy some comics, too. Thank them for supporting this event. Hope to see you there.


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