Godzilla #5 (Marvel)

They won’t be living for long.

Godzilla #5

Marvel Comics (December, 1977)

WRITER: Doug Moench
PENCILER: Tom Sutton
INKER: Klaus Janson
COLORIST: Phil Rache (still using black & white reprint)
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: Archie Goodwin

Demonicus is more than happy to let Godzilla and SHIELD take each other out until Gabe and Dum-Dum end up in the volcano and sees the monsters. Then he unleashes them to fight Godzilla while SHIELD frees the villagers (who use the moment to start an uprising), Godzilla and Dum-Dum sort of team-up to stop Demonicus’ other monsters, and Gabe fights the evil (and apparently racist) doctor himself..

What they got right: I like how Moench is only hinting as to whether or not Godzilla is one of the good guys. If you have a preference you can claim your side. (Personally I prefer him on the “guardian” side because I grew up with that and it’s where he was at this point in the movie franchise.) I also like the designs of the monsters, which makes me wish I could see Rache’s colors and get the full picture.

What they got wrong: Any complaints I have are ones I’ve shared with the first four issue, so I guess nothing else to write here.

Recommendation: I wish I was reviewing a color version but I’ve seen enough to recommend this issue.


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