Astro Boy movie adaptation #2

“Parking tickets? I’m 10…weeks old!”

Astro Boy movie adaptation #2

IDW Publishing (August, 2009)

SCREENPLAY: Timothy Hyde Harris & David Bowers
ADAPTATION: Scott & David Tipton
LETTERER: Neil Uyetake
EDITOR: Tom Waltz

Tenma, not realizing his son was more than some egghead, insists robo-Toby isn’t his son and chases him away. The mayor, however, wants the blue core energy that powers him and Tenma is willing to take it, with Elefun being thrown in jail. Toby ends up on the surface where he meets a group of kids and some crazy robots who give him a new name, Astro. Robo-Toby/Astro makes friends with the kids, who don’t realize he’s a robot.

What they got right: I like how robo-Toby being able to understand robots that don’t usually speak English (or whatever language they’re supposed to be speaking in this world). The movie added a larger supporting cast that the series didn’t and if anyone makes new Astro Boy tales I’d like to see them included.

What they got wrong: Admittedly, this is all about the movie since the adaptation is a proper one, leaving all positives and negatives come from the movie being adapted, but the lack of Astro Boy’s usual supporting cast and Tenma getting more to do in this story is something I wouldn’t be surprised to hear bothered the fans of the manga/animes.

Recommendation: I’m still enjoying the story and having seen the movie I’m sorry it didn’t do better. I rather enjoy both.


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