Channel Awesome members, along with Republic o...

Channel Awesome members, along with Republic of Molossia president Kevin Baugh, in their special Kickassia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was going to use the logo but something isn’t working right. But some of you may be wondering why I’m trying to. Well, Channel Awesome, parent company of That Guy With The Glasses, has announced another talent search. I don’t know how many slots are open for TGWTG, and I’m a bit surprised since they recently reabsorbed Blistered Thumbs, but many of my fellow reviewers have been rushing to get an email to them in hopes of being picked up. Sure, being on Reviewers Unknown is cool, but TGWTG is like Broadway or Carnegie Hall, it’s the proof that you’ve made it as a reviewer. I’m considering putting something in just for the heck of it, but I have other things I need to do first. I have until the end of the month, I guess.

However, I would like to take the opportunity to point to a few of my colleagues (including a couple actual colleagues at RU) that I would really love to reach that pinnacle. Now, there are plenty of reviewers whose work I enjoy beyond the list below. However, I’m trying to look at what they look for–quality of output and being able to put a video out at least once every two weeks (barring incident or seasonal breaks). So based on those criteria (the ones I know about), here are my choices were I a recruiter for Channel Awesome.

Tyler “TJOmega” James

This will surprise nobody who has been reading this site long enough. I even had him cameo in my Challenge Of The GoBots review. I also tried to promote him when he attempted to get on previously. While mostly known for his toy reviews and annual meet-ups with voice actor Scott McNeil, he also has a more…blue…nostalgia show called TJ TV, which has him “taking revenge on my childhood” (where I’m leaning more towards defending my childhood in reviews while acknowledging flaws). Below is the latest example of each.

For the toy review it’s from the Japanese Kamen Rider Gaim, featuring lock seeds (part of that shows transforming hero gimmick) of classic Kamen Riders.

TJ TV drops a few more curse words because the kids, who turn out to be the big fans of his toy reviews, aren’t hanging around. His latest takes a look at the Liefeldian bend to G.I. Joe–G.I. Joe Extreme. (The comics were surprisingly better than this, because Dark Horse didn’t get drawn into the 90’s corruption.)

I’ve promoted him before. I helped talk him into joining Reviewtopia (which may have been a mistake on my part since he’s no longer at their current ID, RVT Entertainment) and you can find more of his stuff just by typing his name in the search engine in the sidebar. TGWTG has been his dream for a long time and I would love to see him achieve it.  And these other guys, too.

The Isle Of Rangoon

There is a bit of extra bias here, as one of the contributors is a guy I’ve known since on Usenet. Greg Sepelak (whom I know better as “M Sipher”) joins Trent Troop in a review/riffing series where they take on the puppet personas of Sunny Jim and Starchibald. Sometimes they also do skits. Below is one of those skits, which I admittedly chose because Old Man Cthulhu answers one of my questions.

The guys have actually worked with Channel Awesome personalities, showing they already work well with CA. They’ve done riffs with Linkara, a skit with Oancitizen, and this video with Internet Personality Vangelus and Derrick J. Wyatt, who worked on Transformers Animated. This one has elements of both reviews and riffs.

Troop created the puppets himself and not only performs Starchibald but sometimes cameos as “Trent the Human”. He also does a cooking show where he created recipes based on video game food. His latest Cooking Without Controllers has him making a meal based on Fallout 3.

I think Channel Awesome is missing puppets, and while they have shows were various TGWTG contributors try foods, nobody really cooks it.

Since this going a bit long let’s do one more and he only has one show so there’s only one video to post.

The Comic Strip Critic

Promoting another of my friends may be cheap but that’s my cross to bear or something. John Weber has come a long way since my initial Internet Spotlight posting on him. I also posted his 500th episode special where he had some of the reviewer and comic strip creator friends he’s made since he started. In this posting he one-ups himself by actually reviewing the creator of his latest review, The Pajama Diaries, a name I don’t understand because nobody ever wears pajamas. Yes, I’m that guy.

There are a few more and maybe I’ll do another one of these before the month is out, but these three are first choices for joining Channel Awesome. Get on that, Mike Michaud!


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